Possible problems for Antminer-Troubleshooting for S7&S9&L3+

1.Issue: The miner works without hash rate. One of the hash board’s temperature exceeds 80 degrees.

Reason: A piece of heat sink is not glued on or dropped off.

Solution: Remove the hash board that exceeds 80 degrees to repair.

Note: If large quantities of hash boards’ temperature exceeds 80 degrees, please add cooling devices, as it will lead to the high temperature protection. And the miner is easily get defective working in the high temp environment.

2.Issue: The hash rate is in the normal range, but there is no temp shown on the Miner status (The hash board is easily get burnt if there is no temp shown on when the real temp is high)

Reason: The detector is damaged on one of the hash board that lead to the other two hash boards have the issues on display.

Solution: Test the 3 hash boards one by one to controller and let it running for about 5 minutes, find out the issued hash board and ship it back to repair.

3.Issue: The hash rate is lower than normal. There is “X” shown on the ASIC status.

Reason: The chip is damaged, which resulted in the loss of hash rate on one hash board.

Solution: If that hash board works well, you can keep it. There is no need to repair it until the hash board is totally defective.

4.Issue: The hash rate is lower than normal. There are a lot of “X” s shown on the ASIC status of one hash board.

Reason: The chips are damaged, which lead to the entire hash board running abnormal.

Resolution: Remove the hash board to repair.

5.Issue: The hash rate is lower than normal. There are a lot of “-” s shown on the ASIC status of one hash board.

Reason: It may be caused by the instability of the power supply voltage or the defective hash board.

Solution: First of all, please replace the power and 18 pin cable to try. If it doesn’t work, please remove the hash board to repair.

6.Issue: The hash rate is lower than normal. Some chips are lost. The hash rate is only 2/3 of the normal.

Reason: It was caused by chain scission of chips

Solution: Remove the hash board to repair.

7.Issue: The miner works without hash rate. There is X.X.X.X shown on the Hardware Version. Hash board cannot be detected. There is no information shown on the Miner status interface.

Cause: The firmware of miner is lost.

Solution: Power off the miner and reset it to see if that worked

8.Issue: The miner works without hash rate. There is shown on the Hardware Version. Hash board cannot be detected. There is no information shown on the Miner status interface.

Reason: The firmware of miner cannot be detected.

Solution: Power off the miner and reset it to see if that worked


9.Issue: The miner works with normal hash rate when it was booted firstly. After a while, there is no hash rate.

Reason: One of the fans was not detected. Only when two fans are detected can miner work well.

Solution: Switch the fan and IO board in turn to find out which one is defective.

10.Issue: A large number of antpools increased unreasonably. Hash rate is normal. There is no use resetting the router.

Reason: One of the computers in the network has been captured by viruses.

Solution: Find poisoned computer. Kill the virus or format it.

11.Issue: Miner can’t find IP. Red light flashing. Green light does not shine.

1.Reason:the Miner is not connected with the internet.

Solution: test the cable and the setting of the internet (DHCP Model is needed)

2.Reason: the program of the procedure is not started.

Solution: Reset the power for several times.

3.Reason: the application of miner is lost (when the four green LED light on the right of internet access.

Solution: image file to SD card for System Recovery as below, https://enforum.bitmain.com/bbs/topics/2891

12.Issue: the miner doesn’t work after powering on. There is no use replacing the PSU.

Reason: There is a short circuit inside one of the hash board. It leads to automatic protection. The miner will get burnt powered by the PSU of poor quality.

Solution: 1. Test the miner with multimeter to find which part is defective. Remove the defective part to repair.

              2. Ship back the unit to repair.

              3. Switch the control board and the hash board separately with good miner to test.

13.Issue: PSU can’t work but fan is running. Miner works well after changing PSU.

Reason: The PSU is defective. The PSU’s fan is powered by different output. It can’t be judged by whether the fan rotation power is normal.

Resolution: Ship back the PSU to repair.

14.Issue: Miner restore factory setting after powering off.

Reason:The software in BB Board is damaged.

solution:Image SD card. Upgrade the firmware with the SD card.

      Download:   https://cnshop.bitmain.com/support.htm?pid=007201604120945219855QObfk20066C

      Production Tutorials:   http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTU0MDUwNTkzMg==.html?from=y1.7-1.2

15.Issue: The hash boards are extensively defective resulting from the frequent network disconnection and continuous power supply

Reason: The miner tried to connect network frequently, which lead to program error in hash board.

Solution: You need to write a new program into hash board with programmer.

16.Issue: Miners work well for serval month and then miners start to be abnormal in large scale.

  Reason 1. The hash boards were corroded by Moist air and lots of dust.

Resolution: Remove the defective hash boards, dust the miner and reduce air humidity.

Reason 2. a large amount of dust, resulting in congestion in cold air duct of miner. Heat can’t be discharged. (Catkins are likely to cause internal miner cold road congestion)

    Solution: Remove the defective hash boards, dust the miner and add dust elimination.

17.Issue: The machine is defective when network changed

Reason: Due to network setup, miner can’t find IP.

Solution: Power off and reset it.

18.Isue: S7 died after running for a while. It runs again after rebooting.

Reasons 1. Temperature exceeds 80 degrees. It leads to the high temperature protection

Solution: Separate the cold and hot air. Increase the amount of air flow.

Reason 2. The PGA in BB board weld bad, which lead to miner’s down.

Solution: Remove the BB board to repair.

19.Issue: PSU can’t work but fan is running. All the indicators are off.

   Cause: The control board cannot get power as the power section circuit in IO board is damaged.

   Solution: Switch the BB Board and IO Board with good miner to troubleshoot the defective parts.

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    Eko Riantono Ext

    how this my issue

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    Hi, mi new S9 it doesnt works with the 3 has board, i can see one of them in the miner status.  What can i do?


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    Hi, my S9 after working a few weeks is only detecting 2 hashboards. I tried switching the hashboard to a good miner and wasn't detected either. Also switched a good hashboard to the bad miner, and was working Ok. I believe the hashboard is broken, I can't get it detected in any of my miners. Should I send it to repair?

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    Dear Ralfcol, 


    If you have not already done so please email us at support@bitmain.com. We can help you with your specific issue.


    Best regards,


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    Rafael Vargas

    I'm having trouble with Issue #7.  I get the hardware version x.x.x.x and no "miner status" information.  however, when i run a reset, the information is shown for a while, about 01 minute then it goes blank again.  The information shown with the default settings is between normal, no x's found on ACIS Status, and Temperature around 50ºC.  

    I've been looking for a firmware update, but i'm not sure wich one to install.  Curious thing, I own 02 Antminers S7, and both came up with the same issue at the same time.  so i do not think it is related to hardware problems

    Any information you can provide will be very helpful

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    Hi Rafael. Thank you for submitting a ticket. I have responded to the ticket with the information that you requested. 

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    Hector Uzcategui

    Hi, i have an S9, and one of the boards showme a lots of "x", then i restart my miner, from the control panel, now the board doesnt turn on. Only two of the 3 boards turns on the red led in the board, and the damaged card does'nt start, load or turn on. I need to remove the damaged board to send it bitmain. Please help.


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    I have my s7 cards have been damaging, sometimes when the frequency of 700 to 600 step back on sometimes not and in one of the cases the card comes on but the s7 does not have the same power does not reach 4.73

    note:in this example the machine had only on card put it at 600 and set the 3 then appeared 3 lit and at the time under the speed restart it and put it in 700 and was thus

    note:in this case the only way to start the first card was to put the frequency in 600 and yet not hashea at the speed that should

    so I have several cases as well and need to find a solution because you will understand I made an investment and thus won't be able to recover it



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    All 17 of my miners stopped working at the same time and now say "socket connection failed,..."  Please help!

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    Good morning, I request your help since my S9 has presented a problem.

    The temperature of the third hashboard is no longer displayed and two groups of zeros have disappeared in the ASIC state. This has caused the hash rate to be less than normal, obviously the hashboard does not work properly.

    Reset the S9 and the values will not be reactivated.

    What can I do to resolve this situation? What is happening?

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