Can we ask our forwarder to pick up the miner within mainland China?

Yes, please order on Chinese website.

Pricing and warranty will be based on the Chinese website. Please contact our Domestic sales team for more information. You can call at 400-890-8855 or send a message via the website.

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    Gaurav Dubey

    It seems that your link was suppose to redirect to some Chinese website, which is inturn simply taking us to Please correct the link or is it just one single site and no different 'Chinese website' as it seems from the comment. ?
    Anyways, please specify whom to connect for domestic sale..? any emails ? do thwy understand English ?


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    Dear Gaurav,

    You can email us at Support is in English.

    From our home page at you have a choice of the English or the Chinese website. For orders outside China use the English website. 




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    Dear Barbara


    I want to Pre-Order L3+ but not available in chinese website.

    So how to work this out ?

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    Anisov Alexander

    9 units of X11 Dash Miner Baikal Miner Baikal Cube 300M / s 85W, one unit costs $ 1900, if you take all 9, then the price will be for all 15300 $, ask questions by e-mail

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