Payment and Refund

1. Shipment will be arranged after order is fully paid;

2. Order cancellation/refund request won't be accepted once order is confirmed.

3. For bitcoin payment, please just follow the one provided in order.

For USD wire, the below account is our ONLY official account to

receive payment.

Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited Shenzhen Branch
Account Number: 000000501511168204


Please include your Order ID and pay all fees. 


Due to shipping cost calculation issue, for order that more than 300 units, please write to for help.

Any issues with orders, please contact us via our Contact us

Please do not place your order with anyone or anybody claiming to be an official Bitmain representative over email or Skype. It can be a scam and your confirmed order may never be delivered in such cases. Bitmain is neither responsible for nor offers any kind of compensation in such cases

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    gruman alexis pacajes henao

    We are very disappointed of you, we wait for those machines since the month of June, its support only tells us to wait, wait, have patience, never solved our problem and we waited until its platform showed us date of sent August 16, already it is 7 of September and do not arrive the equipment, is a sample of their irresponsibility, we made 2 payments one by Bitcoin and another by bank transfer, since they did not have the sources of power or energy, we bought separately and another supplier the sources of power or energy, these are in our power since June of a Chinese supplier who knew to meet the deal with us, these AntminerS9 machines were for a business presentation that by the absence of the machines we lost with better machine EbitE9, we bought with Bitcoin because we wanted it to be realized fast the purchase of at least one equipment and sent it for the presentation and we informed all of this to the support, we trust you and not n we pay for a team the sum of 0.433 Bitcoins would be for the 2 teams 0.886 Bitcoins plus the cost of power sources that would no longer serve us anything 0.2 Bitcoins, in addition our customers want to sue us for damages in Bolivia the minimum salary is 100 US dollars a month, our expectation and also how bad they made us remain justify us to pay for it 1,166 Bitcoins, if we do not pay this amount we will go to your regulator and we will know the degree of irresponsibility of your company and a company with such poor quality in services and customer service should not have so many faults towards customers who deposit money in a Chinese product, we worked with many Chinese factories and this had never happened, we expect the refund of 1,166 Bitcoins and Forget completely this topic for you that are a pool is nothing but for us it is a lot
    my Wallet:

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    Please check my Order ID:0012017090504191 already send bank transfer. but you not yet make it Paying. please help before it canceled tommorow, 
    because i already send bank wire transfer 5 days ago.

    please help....

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    goran samardzija

    hi I order today 2 order but I kann not pay?

    Order ID:0012017091605595

    Order ID:0012017091605887

    i cann not choose a paid metode?

    how I can pay?




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    This site is 10,000% scam.

    Guys, DON'T make an order in here. They are stealing your money.

    They already stolen my BTC. And i'm alerting you guys. Stay away from this site.

    Someone from this site with BTC address: 1Md259HYumpSsM5s3hYF7Tf6CVctMgzjqW = got my BTC and now s/he is totally silent. Also didn't return my stuff back.


    They are doing very bad business with people's money.

    Lord will punish you guys..

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    I have sent Bitmain almost $20,000 via wire transfer a MONTH ago and they have not even acknowledged our payment yet.  I'm about to get on a plane and sit in the lobby until someone answers my questions about my payment.  Bitmain has not answered my support ticket.

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