Socket Connection Failed

If your Miner overview screen gives the message, "Socket connection failed", the following steps may resolve the issue:
If your miner is Batch 16 or later please upload the Package to Fix Upgrade Failure:
Then load the firmware upgrade again:
If your miner is Batch 1 - 15 then select the firmware that matches the board frequency of your miner:
CAUTION: This firmware is only valid for machines purchased prior to October 1, 2016. Using the firmware on machines purchased after that date (Batch 16, 17 and higher) will cause the machine to malfunction and void the warranty.
If you are still experiencing difficulty please contact us at - Help Center
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    Good Morning,


    After doing some research i found this.  My question, do you upload the package the same way you upload the firmware?  If so, I get an error.  Any help would be appreciated..

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    hi, all my miner was experience the same issue as socket connection failed in the same time, what should i do? why was this happen?


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